Geographic Information Systems for Distribution Systems


Project Scope:

  1. Develop a methodology for utilization of Geographic Information System for automated mapping facilities management for utility distribution systems and automated mapping for navy distribution systems.
  2. Intergrate the AM/FM/GIS system with an Incipient Failure Detection and Predictive Maintenance (IFDPM) System.
    The PI is conducting research into the development of an incipient fault detection and location scheme for underground cable, transformers, and a predictive maintenance syste for utility power distribution systems. The facilities management function function of the GIS will be used to assist with the incipient fault detection and the automated mapping for predicting the need for maintenance and notifying the operators to take appropriate action.
  3. Integrate the AM/FM/GIS with a Catastrophic Failure Indentification and Reconfiguration/Restoration System for Navy Shipboard Power Systems.
    The PI is conducting research into the development of a catastrophic failure identification and reconfiguration system. As part of this system, methods must be developed which identify the location of the faulty sections or failed equipment. Traditionally, fault location has bee conducted utilizing system data such as current and voltage measurements. The emergence of a new technology of Geographic Information Systems(GIS) presents the opportunity for the development of more efficient fault location methods utilizing spatial information in addition to system data. The inclusion of GIS-based fault will make the failure identification system, a spatial decision support system, which will provide better location accuracy than traditional location techniques.


Principal Investigator:                                          Dr. Karen L. Butler-Purry

Sponsor:                                                                                                    Project Duration:

Texas A&M University,                                                                              1998-2000

Office of Vice-President for Research,

Energy Resources Program Award

Research Assistants:

Ujjwal Rajbhandari