Bo Chen

Bo Chen
Bo Chen

Ph.D. (May, 2017)
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Texas A&M University

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Howdy! I have a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Texas A&M University.

Skills/Technical Background

  • Extensive experience in power flow analysis and optimal operation for distribution systems and microgrids, controller hardware-in-the-loop simulation and cyber-physical system simulation
  • Solid background in power system modeling, operation, optimization and simulation
  • Proficient in MATLAB, OpenDSS, DSATools, RTDS, LabVIEW, and LINGO
  • Experience with C/C++, PSCAD, Simulink, OPAL-RT, PSS/E, GridLAB-D, CPLEX, LaTex and OPNET

Here is my resume (152K, updated on 06/24/2016) and curriculum vitae (CV) (236K, updated on 06/24/2016). View my profile on LinkedIn.


Bo Chen was born in China, he received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from North China Electric Power University, China, in 2008 and 2011, respectively. Currently, he is pursuing the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering at Texas A&M University. His research areas include optimal operation for active distribution systems and microgrids (optimal power flow, reconfiguration, service restoration), power system modeling and simulation (real-time simulation and off-line simulation), cyber security of cyber-physical systems.



Optimal operation for reconfigurable advanced distribution systems

  • Developed a mixed integer linear programming (MILP) modeling method for distribution networks and microgrids to enable the integration and coordination of DMS applications.
  • Proposed a linear power flow formulation for unbalanced three-phase distribution systems with ZIP loads, voltage regulators, transformers, capacitors and switchgears. Verified the results using OpenDSS.
  • Applying the modeling method to optimal power flow, reconfiguration, service restoration, and switching sequence management, using MATLAB, OpenDSS and CPLEX.
  • Developing a fault location algorithm using the integrated data from SCADA, DMS and OMS.

Service restoration for distribution systems and microgrids

  • Developed a hierarchical restoration framework for distribution systems and microgrids with remote control switches, renewable energy sources and storage devices.
  • Proposed a novel multi-time step formulation to solve the service restoration problem using LINGO and meta-heuristic optimization (i.e., particle swarm optimization algorithm).

Optimal power flow for large-scale power systems

  • Developed a hybrid interior-point method for solving large-scale OPF problems.
  • Designed a power flow program using linked lists in C++.
  • Evaluated the economic and social efficiency of the demand side management using analytic hierarchy process.

Development of a real-time testbed for cyber-physical system research

  • Developed a real-time cyber-physical testbed which is capable of simulating both power system and its communication network simultaneously. Designed data interfaces among RTDS, LabVIEW PXI, OPNET and PCs through IEC 61850-9-2, Modbus/TCP, and analogue/digital converters.
  • Modeled cyber-attacks (denial-of-service attack and man-in-the-middle attack) in the testbed and analyzed the impact on power system stability.
  • Developed a model reduction technique for distribution systems. Modeled IEEE 34 node test feeder in the testbed and verified the power flow results in RTDS and OpenDSS.
  • Configured the testbed to evaluate the performance of DMS applications under cyber-physical environment. Implemented the Volt/Var Optimization in the testbed using meta-heuristic algorithm.

Cyber security impact analysis for smart grids

  • Studied communication architectures and protocols used in substations and control centers.
  • Modeled various cyber-attacks and performed exhaustive case studies in DSATools and RTDS. Analyze the impact of cyber-attacks on transient frequency and voltage stability. Specifically, implemented a coordinated switching attack in DSATools using UDM Editor.


Service Restoration for Distribution Systems and Microgrids [Journal Papers]

Bo Chen, Chen Chen, Jianhui Wang, Karen L. Butler-Purry, “Multi-Time Step Service Restoration for Advanced Distribution Systems and Microgrids”, In preparation.

Bo Chen, Chen Chen, Jianhui Wang, Karen L. Butler-Purry, “Sequential Service Restoration for Unbalanced Distribution Systems and Microgrids”, In preparation

Development of Real-Time Testbed for Cyber-Physical System Research [Conference Papers]

Bo Chen, Nishant Pattanaik, Karen L. Butler-Purry, Ana Goulart, and Deepa Kundur, “Implementing Attacks for Modbus/TCP Protocol in a Cyber Physical Test bed”. 2015 International Communications Quality and Reliability (CQR) Workshop

Bo Chen, Karen L. Butler-Purry, Ana Goulart, and Deepa Kundur, “Implementing a Real-Time Cyber-Physical System Test Bed in RTDS and OPNET”. North American Power Symposium 2014

Cyber security impact analysis for smart grids 
[Journal Papers]

Shan Liu, Bo Chen, Takis Zourntos, Deepa Kundur, and Karen Butler-Purry, “A coordinated multi-switch attack for cascading failures in smart grid”.IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, vol.5, no.3, pp.1183,1195, May 2014

[Conference Papers]

Bo Chen, Karen L. Butler-Purry, Sruti Nuthalapati, and Deepa Kundur, “Network Delay Caused by Cyber Attacks on SVC and its Impact on Transient Stability of Smart Grids”. Power Engineering Society General Meeting 2014

Bo Chen, Karen L. Butler-Purry, and Deepa Kundur, “Impact analysis of transient stability due to cyber attack on FACTS devices”. North American Power Symposium 2013

Shan Liu, Bo Chen, Deepa Kundur, Takis Zourntos, and Karen Butler-Purry, “Progressive switching attacks for instigating cascading failures in smart grid”. Power Engineering Society General Meeting 2013, Vancouver, Canada

Bo Chen, Salman Mashayekh, Karen L. Butler-Purry, and Deepa Kundur, “Impact of cyber attacks on transient stability of smart grids with voltage support devices”. Power Engineering Society General Meeting 2013


[Journal Papers]

Bo Chen, Hongshan Zhao, “Interior-exterior point method for optimal power flow”. Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society, v 25, n 4, p 129-134, 2009

[Conference Papers]

Zhi-Qiang Chen, Yang Xia, Bo Chen, Hong-Shan Zhao, and Dong-Xiao Niu, “Research on Comprehensive Evaluation System of Power Demand Side Management by AHP”. Power and Energy Engineering Conference, 2009