Ahmad Abdullah, PhD

Electrical Engineer III – Engineering Services

Professional Summary

Dr. Abdullah is a well-seasoned engineer in conducting electrical system design analyses as well as conducting resource and energy assessment studies. He is well-versed in distributed and transmission generation interconnection studies as well as in providing thorough technical assistance in technology selection. Additionally, Dr. Abdullah has an extensive background in electromagnetic transients, dynamic, and protection studies.

Dr. Abdullah has eight years of experience in power systems and energy markets with emphasis on power system protection and stability, renewable resource development and grid integration studies, transmission and distribution system planning and operation, and transmission and distribution grid code development.


Doctor of Philosophy, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, USA 2018

Master of Science in Electric Power Systems, Cairo University, Giza, Cairo, Egypt 2011

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Cairo University, Giza, Cairo, Egypt 2009

Professional qualifications



Mortenson, Electrical Engineer III, San Antonio, TX, 2018 to present

Electric Power Engineers Inc., Power System Design Engineer, Austin, TX, 2015 to 2018

Texas A&M University, Research and Teaching Assistant, College Station, TX, 2012 to 2015

Cairo University, Assistant Lecturer, Cairo, Egypt, 2009 to 2012


IEEE PES member since 2009

IEEE Smart Grid Society member since 2009

IEEE IAS member since 2012

NERC PRC-019 Implementation Guidance member since 2017


English, Arabic

Representative Projects

Renewable Energy

Bull Creek Wind Project, TX, USA. Performed a short circuit study, reactive power study, and harmonic study in ETAP. Performed a transient overvoltage study (TOV) in ATP/EMTP to assess whether surge arresters can withstand overvoltage transients due to project upgrades. Wrote design specification document for substation expansion of the project.

Horse Creek and Electra Wind Projects, TX, USA. Performed a sub-synchronous resonance study for each project. Study included a frequency scan analysis and a detailed electromagnetic transient analysis in PSCAD using GE’s turbine model. Developed, with the help of a software programmer, a python script that automates creating all frequency scans and prints them out in a report.

Enterprise and Escalante Solar PV Projects, UT, USA. Performed a harmonic study for each project in PSCAD to see whether projects are compliant with IEEE STD 519 at POI. Performed a post-generation harmonics study for each project to verify that PSCAD simulations were matching recorded field harmonics. Performed a TOV study in PSCAD for each project using TMEIC’s inverter model. Performed a ferroresonance study for each project. Performed transformer failure analysis for each project to see whether snubber circuits are needed to protect padmount transformers. Wrote testing plan for capacitor switching for post-generation harmonics analysis according to IEEE STD 519.

Rock Creek (MO), Drift Sand (OK) Rush Creek (CO), and Lindahl (ND) Wind Projects, USA.  Performed a transient recovery voltage (TRV) and rate of rise of recovery voltage (RRRV). Specified surge capacitance value and location to avoid upgrading circuit breakers.

Buffalo Gap Wind project and Stephens Ranch Wind project, TX, USA.  Completed NERC MOD-026 and MOD-027 standard compliance. Tuned both generic and user defined models in PSS®E for Vestas (Courtenay) and GE (Mariah) turbines to reproduce the wind farm response at the POI.

Courtenay Wind project (ND), and Mariah Del Norte Wind Project (TX), USA. Completed NERC MOD-026 and MOD-027 standard compliance. Tuned both generic and user defined models in PSS®E for Vestas (Courtenay) and GE (Mariah) turbines to reproduce the wind farm response at the POI.

BayWa r.e. Mozart Wind project, TX, USA. Made changes to SEL protection and automation settings online. Performed reactive power testing to comply with both ERCOT and NERC applicable standards.

Prospero Solar project, TX, USA.  Completed Screening Study and Full Interconnection Study applications. Designed collector system and put together AC and DC one-line diagrams.

Rush Creek Wind Project, CL, USA. Performed a transformer energization study in which transformer core type, magnetization curve, and remanent flux were modeled. Modeled SEL 587 differential protection relay as detailed in the manual.

E.ON Climate & Renewables (TX, NY, IL, IN, PA, MD), USA. Prepared NERC MOD-026 and MOD-027 field testing procedures for all eighteen projects in the US fleet. Worked with a programmer to create a python script that automatically spits out WECC equivalent model based on detailed power flow collector model in PSS®E. Guided client through the process of setting up SEL relays to capture PMU data needed for testing. Performed MOD-026 and MOD-027 standard compliance for all projects. Fourteen projects were done via generic model testing that included GE, Vestas, Siemens, Mitsubishi and Gamesa wind turbines. Two projects were done in Vestas UDM as they had STATCOMs. Two were done in UDM as they had battery energy storage systems.

Cross Winds Wind Project (MI) and Bayshore Wind Project (CA), USA. Completed NERC PRC-024 standard compliance using GE user defined models.

Lonewolf Wind Project, TX, USA. Completed NERC PRC-024, MOD-026, and MOD-027 standard compliance using Vestas user defined models.

Falvez Astra Wind Project, TX, USA. Instructed junior engineer on how to create dynamic PSS®E models and write report for NERC MOD-026 and MOD-027 standard compliance.

Lamesa II Solar Project, TX, USA. Built plant level PSCAD model. Documented model in an extensive report.

Waymark Solar Project, TX, USA. Instructed junior engineer on how to complete RARF and on how to build collector system model.

Sweetwater I and II Wind Project, TX, USA. Prepared proposal for GE, on behalf of client, to build PSCAD model for SSR study. Created a detailed power flow collector system model in PSS®E for GE to complete task.

Grid Code Development (Jordan, Grenada, Jamaica). Wrote the renewable energy portion of the Jordan grid code based on a review of various grid codes. Wrote the transmission and distribution grid code of Grenada with the help of Caribbean grid codes. Complied information necessary for grid code development for Jamaica.

Energy Storage

Marengo Battery Energy Storage Project, TX, USA. Supervised and instructed junior engineer on how to perform harmonic analysis per IEEE STD 519. Reviewed report and managed client relationship.

Escondido Battery Energy Storage System, CA, USA. Investigated the reason for low frequency oscillations at the site of the project. Performed gain/phase margin analysis (Nyquist Analysis) of the inverter to further investigate the oscillations. Built a scaled MATLAB model out of a single inverter model to represent the total project.

Parkdale Battery Energy Storage System, TX, USA. Put together a RARF for the BESS and contacted ERCOT on behalf of client. Built PSS®E model of project.

Rincon Solar project, GA, USA. Tuned parameters of generic PSS®E model to match site response.

Parker Inverter Model Development, CA, USA. Built custom PSS®E dynamic link library (DLL) model from manufacturer’s design data for load flow and dynamic studies.

CPS Energy Motor Starting, TX, USA. Investigated the effects on the distribution system voltage that may be associated with a 10 MW battery energy storage system discharging in one second while starting an 8 MVA motor located on a feeder downstream. Built model in OpenDSS and ATP.

Roraima AES Battery Storage System, Brazil. Supervised and instructed junior engineer to build a microgrid controller for the Brazilian market on behalf of Parker and AES. Controller is to transition from grid connected mode to islanded mode seamlessly. Reviewed final report and managed correspondence with client.

AEMO AES Battery Energy Storage System, Australia. Advised junior engineer to build plant level controller in PSS®E from design documents. Overviewed benchmarking the plant model, reviewed final report and managed correspondence with client